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Yvonne Mbanefo

Government Case Study

Translating & Transcribing documents for the UK Justice System

Court interpreting

Government  Case Study 

Orgnisation profile:

The UK Justice System is responsible for ensuring justice is delivered to citizens through the administration of disputes, enforcement of laws, and punishment of criminal offenses. It is made up of courts, tribunals, law enforcement agencies, and the legal profession. The system is committed to providing fair and impartial justice to all and recognizes the importance of language services in ensuring equal access to justice for all, regardless of language background. The system is continually working to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The Challenge:

The growing diversity in the UK society has resulted in a growing number of cases involving parties who speak different languages, presenting a number of challenges for the court. These include ensuring that all parties have access to competent interpreters, preventing misinterpretation or mistranslation of critical information, and managing cases with limited bilingual or multilingual judges and court staff.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, the court must invest in language services and resources, including interpreters, translation services, and training for judges and court staff. This would help to ensure equal access to justice for all parties involved, regardless of their language background. Yvonne played a critical role in this process, working with the UK Justice System and the government to transcribe and translate recorded audios and written documents in the Igbo language. She also acted as an interpreter in court hearings, translating every sentence said to her accurately and clearly for the whole court to hear.

The Outcome:

Yvonne's expertise in transcribing, translating, and interpreting in both Igbo and English languages played a critical role in the success of court hearings involving Igbo speaking defendants and witnesses. Her accurate and impartial translation prevented any misinterpretation or mistranslation of critical information, ensuring the court was able to make well-informed decisions based on all the facts of the case. This improved the efficiency and overall quality of the legal proceedings, promoting public trust and confidence in the court system's ability to provide fair and impartial justice. By providing equal access to justice for all parties, regardless of their language background, Yvonne helped the court effectively serve the diverse population and meet the changing needs of society. Her skills were instrumental in the successful outcome of the court hearings she worked in.


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